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Thank you for your business and support!

:star: Headshot: $5
     · $3 Per Extra Character
    · Size 300px x 300px
    · Transparent Background

:star: Waist Up: $30
     · $15 Per Extra Character
    · Size 1000px x 500px, approximately
    · Simple Background Included
Commission: Reincarnation by salison Dream Catchers by salison White Noise by salison

:star: Full-Body: $60
     · $30 Per Extra Character
    · Size 1500px x 1000px, approximately
    · Transparent Background
Lamia by salison Commission: Kayra by salison

:star: Illustration: $120
    · $60 Per Extra Character
    · Size 3000px x 2000px, approximately
    · Detailed Background
Conquering Tartaros by salison

*Pricing may vary depending on complexity of commission.

+ Multiple characters (No limit.)
+ Detailed backgrounds
+ Objects (Items, weapons, plushies, etc.)
+ Animals (Pets, Pokemon, etc.)
+ Detailed clothing or intricate patterns (Floral pattern, battle armor, etc.)

- Original, Fanart, or Fan Characters (Human, non-human, animals, anything you can imagine!)
- Avatars (Gaia, Ragnarok, TinierMe, etc.)
- Person from a photo
- Furries/Anthros
- Mecha/Robots/Machines
- Couples
- Will design characters for you, too!

- Mature content
- Shirtless guys (We are civilized.)
- Super, crazy, insanely detailed stuff

- I have the right to refuse a commission that goes against my moral values, religion, or personal tastes. (Although I'm usually very open!)
- Payment MUST be through PayPal in USD ONLY.
- This is a "pay now, get later" commission service. I won't start working on a commission until payment for the commission has been recieved. Sorry, no negotiations on this.
- I won't give refunds EXCEPT if I'm incapable of completing the commission. (Example, if I'm on my deathbed, break my drawing hand, etc.) I'll do all I can to guarantee your satisfaction, but please be aware there are no backsies.
- These commissions are for personal use only. Don't claim my work as your own or use it to gain personal profit. I keep the copyrights for the artwork I create, but characters still belong to the commissioner.
- Time for completion of a commission varies depending on content, size, complexity, and how busy I am at the moment. I do my very best to complete each and every commission as fast as I possibly can, but life is rough, so I really appreciate your patience and understanding. Feel free to ask me about the status of your commission.
- A concept sketch of the commission will be sent to the commisioner for approval ONLY for commissions above $20.
- I'm not responsible for fixing, editing, or adding to your commission after it's completed. Additional changes or alterations cost extra.

If you're interested and agree to the terms above, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1. Please send me an email me at, with "Commission" as the title. Please include the following information in your message:

Name: (What you want me to call you. You can call me Sal!)
Number of Subjects: (How many characters you want me to draw.)
Subject Details: (Name, gender, personality, etc. of the subject you want drawn.)
Reference: (Links to pictures of the subject you want drawn. Detailed descriptions are also accepted.)
Comments: (Anything else you think I should know or suggestions for the drawing.)

Step 2. If I accept, I will reply with the price of your commission and give you my PayPal address. Please send the decided amount to my PayPal account as soon as possible. (Again, I can't begin a commission until I'm paid.)

Step 3. After finishing your commission, I will send you the link to the resized, finished artwork in a DA note. To receive the  full-sized version of your commission, you MUST provide an email address.

And voila! Done!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask me! Either comment below, send me a note on DA, or shoot me an email.

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon!
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rrsaga Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2009
good luck. i would commission, but i am broke. for now. i am doing ot. so keep me in mind, and i will note you. :) glad to see new and nicer talent
salison Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2009  Professional General Artist
Thank you. :love: I really appreciate it.
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